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Bizleads Exclusive Leads for Tradesmen

Incoming lead generation is one of the most cost-efficient methods to grow your contracting or local service business. The Bizleads System wins popular positioning on the very first page of Google searches for local contractors, and drives potential customers to call for a free quote. You’ll be found by motivated customers in your local service location. Simply tell us what you do and what locations you serve. You get a super-fast search engine optimized (SEO) website and mobile site that will rank on the first page of Google, dozens of important directory site listings built and managed, a Facebook organisation page, ability to publish special offers, and assistance with acquiring fantastic online reviews. Most importantly: you’ll get cost effective, live, exclusive leads.

Our Services

Lead Generation Services

Exclusive leads are a great alternative to shared leads from Hi Pages, Service Seeking & Yellow Pages, and others. Contractors and local service business know that shared leads feature heavy competitors which suggests you should call the consumer as soon as possible, intend to be the very first, and after that hope even more that you don’t get beat down on price too much. With Exclusive Leads produced by the Bizleads Lead Generation System, motivated customers call your business directly. Simply answer your phone and set an appointment. With inbound calls and live one on one conversation, you get to build an immediate relationship with your customer, substantially decreasing the opportunity they will call another for a second quote or begin shopping around for the most affordable price.

Exclusive Leads

Did you know most “Pay per Lead” services share “your” lead with 3, 4 or 5 other local vendors? You need to call “your” lead and hope they answer.With Bizleads Calls, YOUR LEAD CALLS YOU! Our customers like answering the phone and speaking to an individual who is all set to buy. Typically, they’re not competing with ANYONE. Not competing on price … Not contending on deadlines … Not sacrificing their revenue & time.Every lead from Bizleads goes to just a single person. YOU.

Done For You

Sure, you can produce your own site and optimize it for SEO … spending YEARS looking into, managing it and constantly changing it until you have a drip of leads. You only need to learn WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, DNS, PHP, SQL, Apache, Photoshop and brush up on your network security so you do not get hacked! Then invest your nights and weekends checking out blog sites and tweaking code to stay up to date with all the changes demanded by Google. Is your site mobile friendly? Does it work over HTTPS? Did you publish your XML site sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools? What does Google consider the speed of your site? Or … Let the Bizleads Lead Generation team DO IT ALL FOR YOU. We deal with the continuous modifications by Google, Facebook, Bing, and others. We keep an eye on sites 24×7. We upgrade our servers. We stop the hackers. Simple. Easy. We do all the heavy lifting. You merely focus on closing leads and making customers happy. Happy customers give raving reviews and write great reviews.

Web Design

Bizleads has set itself apart from all of the other web design companies simply because we create beautiful customized graphic designs that are professionally and thoughtfully designed. There is a vast difference between the run of the mill website design companies and us here at Bizleads. We are experts at creating compelling improvements to your brand/website. Our designers will work together with you and build a brand and a style that conveys the correct message to your target market in the best way possible.

Search Engine Optimization

We help improve search engine results for our client’s businesses that are aiming to target their local search engine marketplace. We will create your title, your tags, and all of your file names while watching the current trending search engine terms and keywords. We ensure that all of your website content is full of trending keywords, and we make sure that each aspect of your website is search engine friendly. All of these aspects put together ensures that when a potential client searches for your site, they find you very quickly, every time.

AdWords Management

At Bizleads we manage your AdWords by targeting the top keywords that will send clients directly to your website. A specifically focused keyword research and analysis will determine the very best and most affordable approach to acquiring clients who are looking for what your company has to offer. Through different research tools that we utilize here at Bizleads, we are able to develop highly effective search campaigns that focus specifically on your target. By investing in our AdWords services, you will assist clients in finding your website who wouldn’t have come across it through typical search engine results.


We work with a vast range of company types all across the business industry. We’ve helped businesses improve customer service, sell their products, and attract hundreds of new customers. Our crew will get to know your specific industry and organization ensure your site meets all of your goals.

Yes! Our only goal is to please our clients. We can’t do any of that without your design input. If you possess a logo or brand that you would like us to work with, consider it done. We will make sure your site will be an integral portion of your overall brand and logo.

No. If the client isn’t a good fit for our company, we won’t quote them a bid. Creating a brand-new site is a big undertaking, so the website designers and their clients need to have similar views and goals for the project to work successfully. The can be said for customizing existing websites. If our company does not feel that we are able to expand and better your brand, we will let you know quickly.

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